lost mail boxes and their content is there a default location they are held in as can not see any listings in /roaming/eMclient folder

There seems to have been a systematic loss of genrated mail box’s and thier content. I can’t seem to see where they could have gone and they mopst certainly have not been user deleted.

Hi, you will be unable to detect anything from eM Client’s database. Can you tell me your email account provider, protocol and if you are able to see your folder tree on server?


Hi I spent awhile typing the answers and other issues and it just all went from here and dumped into the eMclient screen???

Yahoo mail and the Yahoo Browser has folders listed so assume on server side.

Also another issue is my iPhone is picking up all messages yet eMclient is loosing 3hr chunks intermitantly.???

sorry can you give us more information about the issue?

Are you using IMAP or POP account? You mentioned all the folders and content is still available on the server’s side (when you log in online),
so I assume nothing’s actually been deleted, is that correct?

Or is there a problem with receiving messages only?

Thank you,

a good proportion of my folders are gone but there is no logic as to why there are a few left in place? on the yahoo browser.

They have certainly gone from eMclient!

I also noticed this morning that the Yahoo browser put a message into the spam folder and on eMclient didnt put it anywhere it just dissapeared into vapour somewhere.

In terms of messages it does seem to be incoming only but yet everything is being picked up on the Yahoo Mail browser so am extremely confussed as to why eMclient is acting in this way.

I tried the update as I’d readt hat thsi sometimes fix’s the problems but it reports on the update actiopn that I have the latest version loaded so again I’m confussed. It was working fine upto about 7/10 days ago and then it went a big loopy. I have lost a heap of information in the folders that have dissapeared and went and checked to see ift here were any odd looking listings in the Roaming folder but nothing showing odd.

there’s an issue with Yahoo servers, the folder’s that have gone missing on eM Client did you create them online on your Yahoo account or in eM Client?

If you created the folders in eM Client, Yahoo doesn’t know how to correspond to that and deletes those folders.