Lost Local Folder after changing account to Exchange

After setting up eM Client and importing from outlook.com I was getting random sync errors. I found a similar post and the advice was to check if Microsoft had upgraded the Outlook.com account, in my case they had. The recommendation found on the forum was to upgrade manually to use Exchange, which I did successfully. However in the previous account I had local folders, after the swap to exchange I now have lost all my emails as the local folder has disappeared. There was no warning this could happen. Any way I can retrieve the emails?

I also lost my local personal folders in Outlook when I installed eM Client 7. Can anyone tell me where to find them. Very important emails filed in these folders that I need access to.

Assuming you imported them, go to menu/tools/settings/general/general and check “Show local folders”. If the folders are empty, you can still import by going to menu/file/import and choose “Import from Microsoft Outlook”.

Thank you. Have them imported now.