Lost ll my folders and cannot log onto email provider

Hi - My email provider decided to reset my account as it had detected unusual activity.
I can log onto my email using their web client but eM would not log on to it.  I changed my password in the eM account settings and ended up deleting my account which I thought I could then recreate.  Although I have done this I have lost all of my personal folders which I tend to use as my archive.  Am I able to get them back and how can I get bck to logging onto my mail at btinternet.com?

Much depends on how your account was setup in eM Client. Was it POP3 or IMAP?

If it was IMAP, removing the account from eM Client will not have removed the data from the server. You can check that by logging into your email account using the web interface for BTInternet. If all the folders and messages are there, then simply adding the account to eM Client again will resync with the server and everything should appear in eM Client. To add your account to eM Client, go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and click on the + icon and then enter your email address in the automatic setup.

If it was setup as POP3, then removing the account from eM Client will have deleted all your data. Some recent Inbox messages may still be on the server, but Sent items and any folders you created will be gone. The only option then is to restore from the most recent backup.