The emclient app tells me my 30 days are up 5 May 2016 and therefore does not go on-line to get my mail from the Gmail server. When I use the the MENU/TOOLS/CHECK FOR UPDATE/ I get a dialogue saying no update available. When I go on-line to get the update thru my browser it says cannot install emclient 6 because i have emclient 7 which is a more recent version. What’s Up guys and gals any help is appreciated.n er

I’m having the exact same issue. Any info on this?

Same issue. C’mon folks, get it together…

Help! I have the same issue. Today of all days I really need my email - our theatre has opening night tonight and it’s critical that I get this working.
I have checked and I have version # 7.0.24859.1 but a licence for version 6?

7 is the Beta version (test of the next release). You must have signed up for it. 

I seem to have found the solution. If you are signed up for the BETA, just download it again from the blog


That’s correct. Go to http://www.emclient.com/blog and download the latest Beta version.

Yes, that resolved the issue. THANKS!

I had the first beta, I wanted to install the new one. It didn’t work. I then removed everything and now I can’t even re-install the non-beta version. I have the error message : Could not open key : UNKNOWN\components…
What should I do ?
Thank you


Just like Tou and Normad said, go here: http://www.emclient.com/blog/em-clien… and download the new beta to replace the expired version.



Can you please show me a screenshot of the error? Also what eM Client version are you trying to install? (The precise version number.)


I am trying to install v7 Beta 2 currently available for download

I guess I did! lol Downloaded the new version, installed it and had to reboot before it worked. So far so good (I get occasional SMTP errors but I’m guessing it’s my Internet Provider that is causing that. ) Thanks everyone for your help. I’m a happy camper once again. Back to the box office “fun”.

Any idea why this is happening ?
Thank you