Lost Folders

Win7 x64 - Lost all functionality of my icons on taskbar. Deleted them and re linked them again. Except when I launched Em and Thunderbird they came up with the new account screen. I have since relinked the original thunderbird profile(my work)  but cannot do the Em(personal).
It seems to have deleted all the folders that I had originally. I recreated the profile and my inbox that I originally had came up (msg’s from the server?) however all my past emails that were kept in sent and subfolders of the inbox are missing.
I have tried the storage location but cannot find them at all?
Surely Em hasnt gone and just deleted the original profile?
Surely if Thunderbird can save the profile when an unexpected error occurs, then Em can as well?
I mean Em didnt even ask me if  I wanted to delete the profile?
Whats going on? 

eM Client cannot definitely remove your database files. Have you perhaps changed the database location in Menu>Tools>Settings>General>Storage?
Have you upgraded, perhaps? If you upgraded to eM Client 7 and did not import your previous database, try Menu>File>Import>Import from eM Client 6.

Hi Olivia,
I dont believe I changed the database location at any time. And this has happened since upgrading. If for some reason I changed the default database location, what file would you recommend to search for, to try to locate it again?