Lost folders and rules on a transfer to a new PC

I have moved to a new PC after my previous PC died. I am unable to boot old PC to open eMclient, or to run a final backup and archive. However I can run the drives up in USB caddies and access the files.

After appropriate seeking a solution, I ended up transferring the files from my local folder > App Data > Roaming > eM Client to the new PC, same location, but when i brought up eM client again, i only had the top level folder, all the subfolders and rules had disappeared.

Is there a guide or a work thru that can be accessed online?
Does anyone have any insights into the correct method?

Hello Pinn,

How were your accounts set? IMAP/POP3?

You transferred the folder correctly as it is your old database. Then just install the same version as you had on the old PC and in Menu > Tools > Settings > Storage point the route to the folder where you store that database. Then you should be able to see all the folders including subfolders. 

To get the rules out of the old computer’s program, you would need to export them first so I’m afraid that you will be unable to restore them.