Lost folders and restoring from eM 6

I thought that I was just updating eM 6 but ended up loading eM 7. I have two problems now. 1. I do not have my personal folders of previous importaant emails. When I try to restore from eM 6, I get a messgae that syas I am limited to 2 accounts. I do manage my gmail account and my verizon account with eM.NNNow when I look at the accounts tab from the menu, I see two gmail accounts and 2 verixon accounts. How fo I just get my folders back and part of this new update???saga

Hi Ray,
If you are using FREE license you are limited to 2 email accounts.
You should be able to proceed by removing some of those accounts, we strongly recommend to backup your emails before removing accounts in case some emails are locally stored.
There is also an option to import from v6, perhaps you skipped that step. To import database go to Menu>File>Import>Import from eM Client 6.

I’m a bit confused. I have 2 email accounts managed by eM. In what I thought was an update to v6 turned out to be an all new v7. I think that the original 2 email accounts that I had were duplicated into the v7. Any thoughts?

Sorry for the confusion.
I must have misunderstood you, my bad.
If your accounts are duplicated my advice is to check their content and delete some of them, you can make a backup just in case you will miss something in the future.