Lost Folder Tree when moving Local Folders to a email account folder.

Lost Folder Tree when moving folder (with subfolders) from Local Folders to a folder under my email account folder (IMAP Account). A single folder test worked fine. When I repeated this using a folder that had many subfolders, it created the root folder under the email account, but did not transfer any of the emails or subfolders and it also deleted all the folders and emails under local folders. Is there any way to restore this?

Hi, sorry to see this, but I was unfortunately unable to replicate this issue using our testing accounts, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?

What mail service are you using with eM Client, e.g. what mail service have you been moving the items from?
What kind of folders have you been moving to the mail server, did this include any special subfolders, e.g. Inbox, trash, etc.?

Paul – thanks for your reply. I believe that I have figured out my issue, though it did not help me recover the lost emails.

  1. I was trying to move a folder (and subfolders) from my Local Folders to my IMAP-synced folders connected to a specific email account.

  2. My email is hosted at LunarPages.

  3. I had used names for my folders and subfolders such as 0.Folder-1, 0.Folder-2, 1.Folder-2, etc. The key here is that I used a number or letter followed by a “.” to help organize and sort the order in which the folders were listed. The root level folder may have been A, followed by all the 0.Folder, etc subfolders.

  4. When I dragged a folder that was not part of this hierarchy, (for example “Test Folder”), the folder and emails moved from the Local Folder to the IMAP Folder with no problems. I was able to see them move both within eM Client and using the Lunarpages webmail interface.

  5. When I tried to move the “A” root folder with all the subfolders, I saw only a greyed out A, and 0 without any of the subfolders being moved.

  6. Looking into the actual mail folders on the web server showed me that Lunarpages uses the period as a separator in its naming convention to show subfolders.

My assumption is that because I used a period in my folder names, when I dragged the folders to the IMAP server, I confused their naming convention and thus lost the emails. A call to LunarPages did not help recover the emails.

I did have many of the emails still in my Thunderbird email system, so I was able to use Thunderbird to transfer from Local to IMAP (removing the periods from the folder names) and then eM Client synced just fine.

Let me know if my assumption makes sense.

Best regards

I am also using eM Client release #6.0.21372.0.
Windows 8