Lost files Ver 6 to Ver 7

I too am unable to recover my files after clicking on update inside version 6.  It treated me as a new client, yet under license option it showed a current license since 2014. With so many messages on the same subject, it appears to be a major flaw within EMclient. 

When I try to import from the correct folder in Win-7 it says the records are too old and unable to import. Yet last saved entry was one month past. Am I dead in th water as they say ?

Did you try Menu > File > Import > eM Client 6?

I did. It was detailed in my original comment. I decided to uninstall V7 and revert to V6 which re-installed and opened  all files perfectly.  Until EM resolves the update problems in their software they should not offer the update.

In your post above you said that the records are too old. You did not post the whole error message, but I have an idea that you selecting the incorrect directory.

In Version 6, go to Tools > Settings > General > Storage. There you will find the location of your version 6 database. Copy that and keep it for later.

Under normal installation of version 7, when eM Client opens you will automatically get the import wizard.

Then you will be asked if you want to keep the old data. It is always a good idea to do that until you have confirmed everything was imported.

But I understand that sometimes when installing version 7, it does not automatically import from version 6. If that happens, you can do the import manually.

Go to Menu > File > Import > eM Client 6.

In the import wizard, for the source folder, paste in the location you copied from version 6, or browse to the profile directory. Usually C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\eM Client

If you leave this field blank, you will get the error.

Let me know how you get on.

Yes, I did select the correct folder and EM7 stated the files were too old.  Perhaps it does not like Win-7. However I’m back with Version 6 and happy.

Can you please post the full error you received?