Lost Files after update

I updated from version 6 to version 7 and have now lost all my folders and any emails previous to 8th august

I have tried to import data from version 6 but it says that there’s no data to import, I’ve gone through the forum to see what else I can do and I’m at a loss

All my personal docs have now been lost and i’m devastated - can anyone please help

Apologies - I updated from 7 to 8

3 questions

  1. did you check under the “more” folder?

  2. can you still see your emails online in browser in your webmail?

  3. are you using POP3 protocol?

Hi there - there isn’t a folder named more unfortunately

The only emails in my web browser are from 8th august and nothing earlier

I am using POP3

Oh no that’s really unfortunate. POP3 tends to delete data off the mail sever after some time. Maybe they are in your local folders? Try enabling them in Menu > Settings > General.

Did you ever make a backup of your database while you were in Version 7? The backups are stored in
C:\Users\(windows user account)\Documents\eM Client

(“windows user account” is usually the name of your logged in Windows account.)

nothing :frowning: - I think they’re gone for good

I’m really sorry about that. :cold_sweat:
To prevent more data from being lost in the future, you should try enabling periodic backups. The option is in Menu > Settings > General > Backup.

Or try using IMAP protocol so that data is saved in more places.

Can you describe in detail the steps you took to “updated from version 7 to version 8”? Please spare nothing.


Hi there - I received the pop up saying there was a new version to upgrade to so I went through the process and at the end it said it needed to restart my pc - which is pretty standard for upgrading software.

Once I rebooted I opened emclient and it asked for my email provider pop info and user name and password which I entered (I never had to do this before when I upgraded) and once signed in everything had gone

I checked to see if my data files were there, if I could import form an earlier version (said there was no earlier version to import from), there was no ‘more’ folder in the new version - it was as if I’d downloaded it for the first time