Lost emails (past history)

A member of my family mistakenly uninstalled eM Client from my home PC (thinking it was something else!). I have successfully reinstalled the app and it is back working with new emails coming through, however it only loaded with a week of historic emails. I suspect my historic emails were saved locally on the PC and therefore deleted with the uninstall! The PC has windows operating system (10) and am wondering if I can retrieve the historic emails, have had a look but not sure what I am looking for! Any help on retrieving them would be a belated Xmas present! I contacted my email provider who confirmed they don’t have back up.

During the uninstall, there is a prompt to delete the database that contains all locally stored data. If it was deleted then unfortunately, unless you have an eM Client backup, you will not be able to recover your Local Folder data.

Bugger (thanks for response)