Lost emails in inbox


there are some Posts in the past pointing to a problem that i encounter now.
10 Days ago i lost almost everey mail in my inbox.There were only 11 older emails left.
The mails were also gone on the serverside and luckyly i could recover the inbox on the serverside from a backup that was only one day old.
I use IMAP and all the contents of the subfolders were still there. Nothing was missing.

Today: Same thing again.
On Friday everything was fine. On Monday I found some new mails in the morning and did not look for the rest. In the afternoon some new mails arrived and as i looked into my inbox all mails except the new ones of today and some older mails (i think the same as last time) were gone.
I did not work with the client and i am shure i did not delete over a hundred mails leaving some mails in the inbox. Again all subfolders are perfect.
The ridiculous thing is, that i have several accounts using the same server and this only happend in one account.
I use em client Version 8.2.1659 (845a639). I use em client for over a year now and i am very happy with it, because it is way better than outlook. But this problem would be a showstopper, if this behaviour cannot be stopped.
Archiving is not activated for this account.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

“Same thing” in that emails disappeared from the server side as well?
Any other of your devices accessing your server (cell phone, tablet, etc)?
Any entries in the eMC log relative to the missing emails?
Who is your email host?

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Yes, mails disappeared on the server also.
I use an iPhone parallel to em client. That’s all.

I checked some logs with my email provider and we found out that there was a single pop3 connection that was responsible for the deletion and the IP-Adress of the responsible client belongs to our public network addresses. I have an email server in my network that was installed for testing and i suspect that this installation might cause the POP3 connection. I stopped this server, but there should be no POP3-client on this server. So this might not be the end of the story.