Lost emails & contacts after upgrade


On 12/28/18, my dad decided to run the update which I assume eM Client had been notifying him about for a long time. I’m guessing up until then he was running version 6.0.23421.0 which is the version I installed for him back in 2015. He assumed it would all be automated and would require no input from him, but it doesn’t appear that that was the case. After the update, all his saved emails and contacts were gone.

Prior to the update he was using POP and saving emails on his PC from Gmail and deleting the Gmail copies. After the update his account was IMAP, so the only emails he sees are the new ones that have arrived after the update.

There is a big database in the C:\Users\Owners\AppData|Roaming\eM Client folder that has the date he ran the update which I’m guessing holds his old POP emails, but I’m not sure how to access it.

I have the eM Client log files, if they would be any help.

What are the steps I should take to get him back to POP with access to his old emails. I’ve read forum posts where people ran into similar situations, and I’ve seen a few conflicting suggestions (ie. reinstall the current version and select the import option, uninstall the current version and install the old version, etc.) I’ve also seen people say that the database file will be in the Local Folders , but his old database is directly in the  C:\Users\Owners\AppData|Roaming\eM Client  folder (as seen above).

Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide that would help someone determine the best way to resolve this issue.

Thanks for your time.


By default, eM Client will create a Gmail account as IMAP, if you use the automatic setup.  You can set up the account as POP3, but it will have to be done manually.  Go to menu/tools/accounts and click on the “+” to add an account.  Instead of entering the email address in the automatic setup section, click on “Mail” and then “Other”

You will then be able to enter the information manually.

Incoming server:  pop.gmail.com
Port: 993
Security: Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

Outgoing server:  smtp.gmail.com
Port:  587
Security:  Force usage of SSL/TLS

Be sure to delete the IMAP gmail account

to import old emails, simply go to menu/file/import and select eM Client 6.  The upgrade allows you to do this during the upgrade process, but it is very easy to miss.  The upgrade process did not delete the old email store.

Thanks Jay. That worked. The only thing I did differently was use Port 995 for the incoming server. Not sure if Port 993 would have worked.