Lost emails after upgrade and system restore Windows 7

Accidentally upgraded from em6 to em client 7 using Windows 7. Database error reported during upgrade. When I opened em7 all emails missing. No backup. Decided to do a windows system restore to revert to pre-em7 upgrade. When I launched restored em6 I only got emails from last backup - 6 months ago. Can you tell me how I find the last 6 months email (including sent mail and local folders)? Using POP account so can’t download them from a server.

Usually after an upgrade from 6 to 7, you are prompted to import the version 6 database. If you did not do that, or were not prompted, then the database will be empty. The solution is to go to Menu > File > Import > eM Client 6.

If you did a Windows system restore, you will only have the data that was in your database at the time that backup was made. This will have overwritten any other data. The solution is to restore eM Client from a more recent backup than the system restore.

Unfortunately POP3 folders and messages are stored on your computer only. There is a possibility though, that your email provider may store your Sent items, and depending on your POP3 settings there may still be some Inbox messages on the server. The best option is to login to your account through the web interface and see what is there.

Hi Gary I don’t have  a more recent backup from the one that was done 6 months ago. I will log in on the web interface and see what’s there. I have downloaded the last week’s emails but I don’t think the server stores more than that. Seems this is a harsh lesson in how to backup your mail!!