Lost emails after no upgrade

After I declined the recent eM Client upgrade it went back to my old version but now the bodies of my emails are all gone. Is there something I can do to get them back?

Hi Allen,
declining an upgrade should not affect your messages. Can you provide more details? Are there any errors in eM Client?
Are the missing messages from a specific account or does it happe to all messages in all accounts?
If just some, are they set up as POP, IMAP or EWS? (Menu>Tools>Accounts)

Hi Olivia. Thanks for writing. Fortunately I was able to find “restore” in ‘File’, and that brought them all back. My computer did an updates restart during the night and when I logged back in eM Client said it was closed improperly and had to go through some checking files. I’ve seen this before so just figured it would bring everything up like before. So, I’m not sure if that did something to the emails. Each email subject title was there but no body to the emails. This happened to a lot of my emails but strangely, not to some much older ones. They are all in one account as that’s all we have. So, not really sure what happened but I am really glad the Restore worked. If it should happen to happen again (ACCHH, NO!!), I’ll get back to you. Blessings