Lost e-mails after after upgrade to EM7

I have upgraded from EM client 6 to 7 and after upgrade:

  1. EM7 forgot my accounts. and
  2. After adding the accounts from fresh, only the last 255 e-mail are available. Any e-mail older are deleted (even when checking on the e-mail providers web client

This sounds like you were using POP3 in version 6 otherwise all your emails would be on the server and visible in the web client.

Did you look in Local Folders to see if your old emails are there? If they are not visible you need to enable them. Go to Menu > Tools > Settings. Select Show Local folders.

It is also possible that you chose not to import from version 6 during the upgrade.

If this is what happened then reinstall version 7 and choose to import the data.

If you chose not to keep the old data during the upgrade, you will need to uninstall version 7 and reinstall version 6. Then do a restore from your most recent backup, and then do the upgrade again making sure to import version 6 data.

If you choose the import, all your emails and account data will be brought across.

Thank you Gary. EM6 was indeed using POP3 hence the absence of the mails on the web client. However I do not recall being asked by the EM7 installer about importing the EM6 settings etc. I was asked from within EM6 and the installation process seemed to go without any user interaction (but I was doing something else at the time and do not entirely recall all details).

Anyway, I have now uninstalled EM7 and installed EM6 and all account settings and “lost” emails seem to be back again. For the moment I’ll stick with EM6 and may update the POP3 settings.

As an aside, in EM7 there is menu option to “import settings from EM6”. I tried to use this option (while EM7 was installed) but could not work out which folder to select.

Again, thank you for your help…


I find the best way to move from 6 to 7 is not to use the upgrade option, but to download and install the latest version. That way you will be presented with the import option after install mentioned above.

The folder you need to select on the manual import, is the profile folder. This is C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\eM Client. You may have to change folder options in Explorer to show hidden folders so that you can navigate to that directory.  You can find the location under Tools > Settings > General.