Lost distribution lists after update

After the last update, half my contacts have gone and all distribution lists. Can I get them back?

Are the contacts and distribution lists visible when you use the web interface for your provider?

If they are, you could remove that account from eM Client, then add it again.

Before removing accounts, make a backup using Menu > Backup.

Hi Gary
I am with gmail and when I looked at the contacts there, at first I couldn’t see the distribution lists, but there was ‘other contacts’ and when I looked on there, all my missing contacts are there and the distribution lists. I don’t usually look at my contacts on gmail so I have no idea if it has always been like that.

Also when I make a distribution list now, with eMail, if I go back to add another contact, there is no option to do that!

Hi Gary
Problem solved, I was able to move ‘other contacts’ to ‘contacts’ in gmail. I now think the problem was changes to gmail and nothing to do with eMail and the update! Just a coincidence that it happened at the same time.

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Same Problem Here…

Hi everyone,
this bug will be fixed in the next update which should be out soon, the issue was caused by changes in the Google People API.
If you need the fix asap, please reach out to me directly to olivia@emclient.com for an internal version.