Lost Data

I moved the data folder to another location and copied the items form the old folder to the new one. I then deleted the old data folder.
I have since uninstalled eM Client and reinstalled it today.
I changed the storage folder tot eh new one but all my tasks and events are gone! No contacts… nothing.

Could deleting the old folder done this??


After you deleted the old data directory, was everything still visible in eM Client before you uninstalled it?

I move it 'cause it’s easier for me to back my data up and my working data isn’t on the same partition as my os.

If you used an uninstall utility like Revo, that could have deleted your data.

When you restarted eM Client, and there was nothing there, that likely means that you did not have the correct database directory. You did restart eM Client after changing the location, right? Or was it that only some things were missing?

If you still have the backup, can you restore that to get everything back?

The first time I uninstalled eM Client and then reinstalled it.
The new folder location was there but the folder was empty. Not sure if I removed it or not. I am getting old.
Not sure what I did that time. But, I haven’t had it on my system for a few days and I reinstalled it today…
I created my accounts and added some tasks and then uninstalled it and reinstalled it.
After reinstalling it I didn’t even need to change the storage location.

All my data was there.

So it seems all is well now.

Thanks much,