Lost data after update

Good Evening

I updated my em client today & I’ve lost my data. I’ve tried restore which brought emails back upto May 2019 but nothing from them to present date, I’ve tried importing that didn’t work & I’ve also tried a PC system restore & that didn’t work either. Please can anyone help, I desperately need my emails back.

I updated to v8.0.3385.0 today without any bad after-effects as you are describing. Was that the version you were trying to update to?

Not sure what you were trying to “import”.
Was May 2019 the last time you backed up?

Good Morning

Sorry for the late reply, I was out of the office. I updated to V8.0.3396.0 the same as you.

I am guessing yes the last back up was in May 19 :frowning: will there be no way of getting any of the more recent emails back?

I think you know the answer…