Lost contacts after update 8.2

I have lost some contacts after the 8.2 update. I found out on Sunday when I went to use my Distribution list. How can I get them back? JenniferJ

Thank you. Unfortunately I have all the contact associated with gmail and not sure where the others are stored. The setup is very odd. Some are associated with my gmail and others are under local folders and I don’t know where they are stored. It is some of those that are missing.
Thank you again, JenniferJ

Those in Local Folders are here:

Gmail contacts that are missing, might be found using the Google web interface, and could be here:

I have the box by My Contacts always ticked. How do I then see these Contacts. I have already looked on gmail and there are only some there so I thought the others must be under My Contacts. I gmail I don’t have an Other contacts as shown by your red arrow. Is there a way when I have ALL my current contacts showing, of synchronising them to gmail so that I have a back up of them. I do have a back up of eM Client every so often set up but wouldn’t know how to find the Contacts there in a readable form.
Thank you for all your help. JenniferJ