Lost connection with mailaddress

A couple of month ago I have done something stupid ( cannot remember what). As a result of this hundreds of my mailaddresses are lost.
Besides this, when I compose a mail to a new mailaddress, this address isn’t listed automatically in mij database of contacts
When I wish manually to have this new address enlisted in my database of contacts, I get an error, warming me that this addres cannot be joined with all other addresses, I checked the settings but cannot find a solution
I enclose a printscreen.:
Lost connection with mail address

Could you please help me?

The error is too small to read.

Can you paste a better resolution please?

PLEASE>>> Can anyone help me??
In a nutshell:
My problem is that, if I wish to add a new contact to my database of contacts, the label “my contacts” isn’t available…Somewhere the connection between my mail account and “my contacts” is lost.
PLEASE, who can help me??

If these are your Gmail contacts that are out of sync or missing etc, and Gmail online has all the correct Contacts etc, then just remove your Gmail account from eM Client and re-add (via the automatic email wizard).which should then re-sync all your Google Mail , Contacts & Calendar etc.

Note:- Make a backup first via “Menu / Backup” incase you need to restore for any reason.

If the Google online contacts are still not synced correctly or missing in eM Client after removing and re-adding your account, then you might have an older version of eM Client and need updating. See the version history page to check - https://www.emclient.com/release-history

Thanks for you reply! I understand your advice but…I seem not to be able to make a backup. When I choose for menu/ backup, the systems asks if I wish to make a bakcup…my reply yes…and then nothing happens, nothing at all…
It seems I have a serious problem. What can I do now?

viernes 20 agosto 2021 :: 1731hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Geri_Onderweegs

When you click YES the backup should take place in the background.
To check you have a backup:
Menu ->Settings ->General ->Backup ->Target Directory ->Go here and view what is listed as backups.
Whilst on the Backup window you should set automatic backups:
Frequency : 1 day
Preserve last : 5 days

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Using eg:- eM Client for Windows, After you start the backup, click the “dropdown arrow” on the right of the “Refresh” button top left, and then click “Show Operations”. This will then show the progress bar of the backup.

Then as @skybat advised above you will see the eM Client backup.zip file in the backup directory.


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sábado 21 agosto 2021 :: 0855hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @cyberzork

Great ‘Tip’ - I don’t ever recall using manual backup, however, great for those that do; I have mine set for 1900hrs everyday.

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After you have selected Menu > Backup, give it a minute or two then go to Menu > Operations.

Look for any Backup errors in the Log tab. Typically these will be insufficient disk space.

Otherwise you will see something like this:

08:08:45 Database backup: Started
08:08:45 Database backup: Processing account …
08:08:45 Database backup: Processing account …
08:08:51 Database backup: Processing account …
08:08:51 Database backup: Processing account …
08:09:00 Database backup: Processing account Local Folders
08:09:00 Database backup: Processing account Archive
08:09:00 Database backup: Processing account Search Folders
08:09:00 Database backup: Processing configuration data
08:09:00 Database backup: Compressing the backup
08:09:30 Database backup: Completed

Yes! U’re right, I did find the backup now… I made two of them and both are there. I will remove EM client now and will re-add again…I’;ll keep you informed.
Thanks a lot!

Well. I removed my account and created a new one.
The problem, that new contacts are not listed in "“My contacts” still exist. I can choose of different labels but the label “My contacts” isn’t there , the same problem as I had before.
This message the system showes, see enclosed printscreen

And again: Please help!
Thanks a lot!