Lost Calendar Data

When I clicked on Calendar, it came up blank. I must have done something (unknown) that caused that. How can I get my calendar data back? Where is the data located? Can I re-open that file?

I’m using eM Client 4.0 under Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit, with email at yahoo. When I started using it a couple of weeks ago, I imported data from Outlook.

Ray K

what calendar do you use? Local calendar or a calendar on a server?

It is (& was) a local calendar.

If it was local calendar and you deleted it, I am afraid I cannot help you anymore.

What if I use an “undelete” program? What is the name & location of the file?

Thanks, Ray

All you data are saved in the database folder which is usually located here: C:\Users%Current User%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client but once you delete events from calendar, it is permanent change.