Lost all emails


I’ve been using eMail client for a while, today after a power breakdown emCleint retrieved an error message and began autorecovering folders and settings. Now although all mail folders, rules and account settings are ok I can’t seem to find any older message prior to the power breakdown incident. And I didn’t do any backup as well. I’ve tried a new installation, replacing new (empty) files by older ones but it didn’t work as well. Any clues? Regards

viernes 02 octubre 2020 :: 1830hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @emanuel_aguas1

Are you absolutely certain there are no backups?
Go here to check:
With eMC in view:
(Top Left) Menu ->Settings ->General ->Backup -> ‘You might get lucky!’
Navigate to the Target Directory to see if there any ZIP files.

If you are lucky go:
Menu ->File ->Restore ->Yes
You will get everything back at the date of the most recent dated file.

¡Buena suerte!

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No such luck :frowning:

Thanks anyway

Does anyone knows a way to recover this?