Lost all emails, calendar and contacts after I restored my eclient yesterday.

I restored my e-client yesterday. Big mistake as I lost all emails and contacts for the past 11 months. I am unable to connect: statement at the bottom of the screen states:

Connecting: Error when receiving from account [email protected]. No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

Any help is appreciated!



Hello Ron, seems like either your server is blocking the connection between the client and the server or you’re using some security software that seems to be blocking the connection. Please try to temporarily disable any security software on your compute or in your network in order to check if the issue persists.

Make sure all your firewalls or proxies are disabled or have enabled access to the servers you’re using for connection with the server (Tools > Accounts > Your account > SMTP/IMAP). If the connection is blocked you won’t be able to download nor upload any data from or to the server.


Thanks; yes, have since started the process and all emails now coming thru…just hoping that the ‘sent’ emails happen as well…and the contacts get updated???

Will keep you updated with progress