Lost all content

Hi, I installed EM client and everything was fine. Even imported everything from other programs and so on.  Problem is, the day after, I opened the program again and it’s as though it was opening for the first time!!  Lost all previous setups.  I don’t want to use this program if it means losing my mails after a while…  I need something that’s stable.  Anyone ever faced this problem?

Hi Benoît,
have you made any changes to your database when eM Client was closed or changed the location of it in Tools>Settings>Storage? This is not a correct behaviour of the program.


Hi there,
The only difference I can think of is I installed Open Office after EM Client.  But I don’t see how this would have to do with it.  And now today, when I opened it again, it froze completely.  I had to shut it down through task manager. Fortunately, when I reopened it, I didn’t loose anything this time…  I’ll let it run for a week or so and then decide if it stays or not…