Lost Access to one of two emClient accounts

I currently have EM client on two computers.  My wife and I each have a hotmail account where in the past we could create, see and manage mail to both e-mail addresses.  Her’s was set up be the default account/address.  After coming back from a few days out of town, I can no longer see anything coming into her address/account.  No changes have been made while I was gone so I am baffled on how this occurred or what to do to restore it.  It appears nothing has changed on the account setup screens.  I am getting a message that from my computer I cannot sync to her account.  How can I restore?  Would be great if I could speak to a technician.  Please help!

I have the same problem and am befuddled.  Can anyone help?

I finally went to a group of independent technicians and basically they did the setup over.  I now have access but there are still some minor differences in how their solution operates.  They used the “fix” screens in account setup on both machines to identify different servers.  Their explanation was that microsoft outlook had made some recent changes to their servers that created the problem.  I spent $120 and they were remoted into my PC and my wife’s for over an hour.  But it was worth it because I was totally baffled (and still am).  Seems EMClient should communicate something on changes that will impact users  and provide some advice.   

Hi John

There are plenty of threads in this forum that explain the changes Microsoft made to email accounts and how to set up eM Client with new settings.  For example