Lost ability to send/receive emails AOL and verizon.net account. I have followed steps that AOL recommends for POP3 ,SMPT but no luck

I have lost ability to send or receive all emails with AOL and verizon.net account. Working fine last week. I have followed the steps that AOL recommends for POP3 and SMPT but no luck

Are both send and receive affected?

It’s possible than update to your anti-virus program has blocked eM Client.  Try turning off AV software and see if eM Client can send/receive.  When things have been working and they suddenly stop, it may very well be the provider.  try contacting aol to see if anything has changed.

Yes both sending and receiving.  I am able to find my emails when I log onto AOL but I used to get emails through email client on pc and mobile called EMClient. 
I disabled by anti virus then shut down my email filter and restarted it and nothing. I keep getting a message saying it could be server unavailable or incorrect settings.  Of course I never touched my settings but I have gone in and tried several different POP3 and SMTP ports etc.  Still nothing  I have been emailing through aol with aol and they aren’t helping. 

Same problem here.  No email uploads or downloads for 3 days now.  Checked and all account settings are correct.  Also tried turning virus scanner off (hated to do that) with no change.

AFAIK nothing in our Verizon email account has changed.  We can still access via AOL portal but now we have mail in two places - prefer to get eM Client back up.

As stated by Karen Graham Maxey, error is that “server is unavailable”.  Well, it IS available because we can view it on AOL.

We seem to have this problem every time there is an update to eM Client which we just installed a few days ago…

BTW - we also tried creating a new account using automatic setup.  The POP and SMTP settings it came up with were completely different than what Verizon/AOL says to use.  It also failed to connect.

Viewing the messages using the AOL web interface is not the same as sending and receiving through a mail client. If the POP3/IMAP server is down, most often web access is still there.

As Jay commented, if eM Client was working, then stopped, the first place to look is the server. But if you want to check that your settings are correct, choose from the following port and security policies:

Port 587 = Force usage of SSL/TLS
Port 25 = Use SSL/TLS if available

Port 993 = Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)
Port 143 = Use SSL/TLS if available

Port 995 = Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)
Port 110 = Use SSL/TLS if available

These are the correct combinations of port and security policy. The underlined ones are the best option, so try those first. SMTP port 465 was reassigned and should no longer be used for SMTP, though many mail providers still recommend and use it. If you want to use that select Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy) as the security policy.

Gary I did all the things you suggested ie changing pop3 and smtp and ssl/tsl but no luck.  So strange as I’m not receiving emails to my mobile device either but I was never sure as to whether those were being handled through emclient or not.  Only thing I can think is that my PC has tried several times unsuccessfully to do a Windows update but has not made it past 82% and reverts back to previous.  But this has happened before without affecting email service.

I set everything exactly as shown above - using the preferred settings.  I closed then re-opened eM Client but it did nothing - just sat there idle until I selected the “Refresh” button then it connected and download all our latest email.  That was 30 minutes ago and it hasn’t done anything since.  I sent a test email from another PC and now eM Client says it can’t connect.  Same error as above.

Also to note that eM Client is not refreshing every 5 minutes like it’s supposed to.  It just sits there until I manually refresh - and now, again, giving the “unable to connect” error.

If the settings and AOL server are to blame why did it work 30 minutes ago?  Notice there are a LOT of error reports on this forum of the same type.  I believe the problem is with eM Client.

On my accounts page under diagnostics it says next to POP 3 and SMTP “server failed to connect.” I hit the fix button and it ran several different fixes but ended up failing to fix.  I just don’t know what else to do or who to reach out to.

I have found 3 issues in eM Client on my PC that are likely causing this problem (at least for me):

  1. Even though I only have 1 account under the “accounts” menu eM Client seems to think I have two - both with the same name.  If I click on the “Refresh” tab nothing happens.  But if I click on the little down arrow next to it there is another version of my email address shown at the bottom of the list with it’s own “Send and receive all messages” function.  If I click on THAT it works!  Otherwise eM Client just sits there doing nothing.  See screenshot below.

  1. There is something wrong with eM Client “operations” as related to above.  This window keeps popping up saying it’s not doing anything!  See screenshot below.

  1. There was a “SPAM” filter under “Rules” that eM Client would not allow me to edit yet was redirecting WANTED emails to the spam folder.  I deleted it and will recreate as I go from here - IF we get eM Client working right.

I would think that if you are not receiving messages on your mobile device either, then the issue is with AOL; either the server or your account.

One thing you can check is that eM Client is set to send/receive on a schedule.

And the other is to check that the specific account is enabled for that schedule.

It may be that eM Client is connecting, but because of a server issue it is not downloading. Go to Menu > Tools > Operations and check the frequency of the connections in the Log tab.

If the settings I gave above did not work, and there is still a connection issue, you should contact AOL as it appears it may be a server issue.

You can also temporarily disable your anti-virus application, then try again to connect to AOL.

  1. The two accounts may be different services for the same email account. Sometimes when importing account settings from some other applications, because of the way the application had setup your account, eM Client imports the services separately. By clicking on each account in eM Client you will be able to see what each one offers. Normally a single complete POP3 account will have tabs that look like this:

Also check the settings I recommended to Jeff above.

  1. You can change the behavior of the Operations window in Menu > Tools > Settings > General.

  1. The Spam filter Rule does not really have anything that needs to be configured for normal use. All it does is look for a specific header that your email server has added to the message, then moves the message if it is there. To disable it, un-tick it. If you want to edit the Spam filter Rule, delete it from Rules, then add it again using New Rule > Move messages to Spam folder.

The only time you would need to edit this , is if your email server was using non-standard header entries to mark the message.

I did the disable anti virus thing and it did not help.   will try to contact AOL.  I’ve been emailing with them but they just keep giving me things to try and nothing is helping. 

I have tried everything that Jeff, Jay and Gary have suggested :(  Very difficult to get AOL help as I do not have an upgraded account and therefor can’t talk to anyone.