Lost 4 years of email body

Hi All,
I have a bunch of accounts on my eMClient, most are IMAP with a couple POP3
I had some weird corruption on one of my POP3 accounts back in March.
All emails in this POP3 between March 2022 and April 2017 have lost the body of the text.
The Headers are all there but the body and any attachments are not visible.
eMClients’ answer was go back to backup which unfortunately doesn’t seem to exist, so I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.
My other POP3 account is fine, just my critical one - obviously.
I have managed to recover the last 12 months of emails as they were still on the cloud, however, I would desperately like to get the body back for Mar 2021 back.
Are my chances zero for recovery?
Is there anyone who could possibly rebuild this POP3 account? Yes, I’m prepared to spend money to recover the bodies (Sounds Macabre) !

My company i work for use a very good people call Compucall and I can not give you direct contact link it has password block so if you visit to www.compucall.com they use EM Client and have theme and they have link here you can ask.