Loss of emails Synced with eM Client

A few days ago my email I looked at my inbox and it no longer has January 5th through February 4th emails. Sent and Trash seem to have those dates. I am still able to access through Microsoft online but would really like them on my eM Client.

Hi, right click on your inbox, select properties and repair tab, then choose repair.

Are your email synchronizing after this or are you still experiencing your issue?


Honestly, I went back to Outlook meanwhile. It was 12 days ago I put this request out here and I couldn’t have my email not easily accessible. I will see if the repair will work. On another note, you need to have it so users can add a sender to an OK list so we don’t have to go through the junk folder to make sure emails aren’t there that don’t belong.

Hi, if you have tried repair on folder, was it helpful?