Losing all mail in inbox

I have used emC (free) in my win 10 desktop for several years, no problems. I recently bought a newer win 11 desktop (ASUS) and now when I have emails in my inbox and emC is active and delete them from my phone everything is OK. But if I close emC and I delete them from my phone, they disappear from the emC inbox when I open emC. Everything else is good. I moved one email to the inbox in the Local Folder and it was still there. Is thie an emC problem or Roadrunner? Thanks, Al Zack

This is the way IMAP and Exchange work. The messages are stored on the server, so when you delete a message on one device, it will also be deleted on all other devices connected to the same account. There may just be some delay or error with your server that is why you only noticed it after a restart.

Local Folders are not synced with a server. So whatever you move there is unaffected by the server or other devices.

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Thanks for the fast response, and you are in London, I’m impressed. I just tried this with both my old win 10 computer and my new win 11. Only in the new win 11
were they deleted from the inbox, in the win 10 they remained. I read that imap deletes the inbox when you delete from another device while pop3 doesn’t seem to do that. My old computer is pop3 so I guess the new one is doing what is should delete them. That can be irritating and allow you to loose important emails. Is there a way to switch the new computer and emC over to pop3 or add another account with pop3? Thanks again, Al Zack Wake Forest N.C., USA.
Appreciate any advice you can provide.

I transferred my incoming emails to the inbox to the inbox in Local Folders area, that seems to work. Are other files not in Local Folders also stored on the mail server and should I move them to the Local Folder Area. Or cam I convert from Imap to POP3.