Lose protected search?

Is it possible to buy em client without Protected Search and the toolbar? I think it is borderline malware.

To get add-ons with a free version is one thing, but surely I don’t have to have them with a paid version? I would like to recommend it to my clients but I simply can’t do it if those invasive add-ons are going to be installed.

Protected Search and the eM Client toolbar are not installed automatically. During the installation, you can !uncheck both these options.

Thanks, Juraj. I was fairly sure I had. Nonetheless there is no suggestion of just how invasive the Protected Search option is. In my case I lost all Firefox tabs and groups which has (and still is) affected my productivity.

If that happened to a client on my recommendation I would feel obliged to rectify the situation, and that would cost further time and affect my client relationship with them.

Without a complete uninstall/restore, this situation is just not acceptable.