Lose emails if you let it go to Demo Mode and then enter a Licence Key?

A friend just phoned to say they had installed EmClient but let the 28 day trial lapse so it was in demo mode and not receiving emails.

I therefore talked them through on the phone how to get a free licence and enter it in. This went well and the emails waiting came through.

However, my friend mentioned that he could no longer see the old emails that were there before he put the key in.

I am going to have a look to see if he is correct sometime but I would like to know if Emclient does “remove” the old emails if in demo mode and then you enter a  licence key.

If so, is there anyway of getting them back? Are they stored anywhere?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi Mark,
eM Client never removes any messages on its own.
Entering a license key does not influence the mail data or settings at all - its just turns eM client back to online mode.
Did your friend perhaps remove the messages from the server on another device? If that was the case, then eM client just synchronized to the current state of the server after being activated.


Hi Olivia,

I thought as much. I’ll check it out when I go.

Many thanks for the quick reply.