Loosing text from internal mails.

I am finding since the last update that after a short while when I click on a mail the text within the mail is disapearing. I cannot be the only person suffering from this.

what software configuration do you use, please? Firstly Windows and Internet Explorer version.

Hi gabriel

I have Windows 7 32 bit. I use primarily Mozilla Firefox but also Explorer 9.

Hope this is of help.



I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue even with Internet Explorer 9 Beta (i presume you have Beta) installed as eM Client is connected with it. Can you please tell us more precisely how does it disappear or maybe send some screenshot of it?

Yes I will try. It is strange as it starts happening after I have looked at 6-7 emails and gone back to a new email - and there is no text shown.

I thought at first that it was the mail - until the next one did the same and I could read the text on my blackberry.

If I close emclient down and re start it it runs fine.

I will try to recreate and send you a screen shot.

Send it to staron@emclient.com .

I had this happen the other day - the whole window went greyed out. After a minute or so it cleared.


And can you use application during it is greyed out? I understand that after a minute or so text is back in original colors and you can use application.

Hi Gabriel

I have managed to copy one of the blank pages of an email.This one did not grey out - just did not show any text.

However, after a minute or two the text came up. It is not memory as I have plenty. I am trying to delete some of the messages to see if this helps.