Loosing Activation

Using EM Client on WIn10 and activated… However after a short period of a week or so the activation disappears and has to be re-entered., Can anyone tell me why… Just seems really weird that it either gets a em client update and then  activation details get removed.?
Can anyone explain how I lock in Activation code other than normal activation method within the program help. Cheers Stan

This can happen if the same key is being used on another computer. 

If that s the case, you need a separate key for each machine. You can register additional Free Licenses using separate email addresses. If you are using eM Client for business, or have more than two email accounts configured in the application, then you will need a Pro License, and will have to purchase an additional license for each machine. 

Thank you for your support
The EM Client software is only used on one machine using one email address.
However after registering and being accepted - approx 1 -2 weeks later - the activation is removed
and when inspected the license under help - shows blank - the progam of course comes up with - Demo period expiring.
We have the original activation key written down - so when inserted - it re-activates successfully displaying the correct name and details and all is good again for a short period.
So we were wondering why it deletes activation credentials after successful activation?
Its a standard Win 10 machine with no special software.
Is there a way to impregnate the EM Client program more securely -
I am relaying this to my IT guy who can help me
Cheers and I await your response.

Maybe check that you have the correct activation key. Go to https://www.emclient.com/lost-activation-key and enter the registered email address. The activation key will be re-sent to you.

Or something you could try is to register another Free License using a different email address. It may be that there is a glitch with your specific key.

If this is for a Pro License, you should contact eM Client directly and they will sort it for you.