Looking to replace Outlook across our organization, but can't find several essential features...


I recently installed eM Client and I’m impressed.
I’m mostly happy with how fast and responsive it is, compared to the beast that is Outlook.

However, there are several quite basic features that can be found in Outlook but seem to be missing from eM Client. I was wondering if perhaps I simply failed to find them, or, if they don’t exist - if they will be available in eM Client v7.

Here is the list, ordered by importance (to me):

  1. Ability to paste text from another program and make it receive the formatting of the target position (i.e. instead of keeping the original formatting). This is really important because content is often copy-pasted from Word, other emails, or browser windows - and if the formatting is not adjusted it comes out looking unprofessional. In Outlook it can be done by pasting and then clicking on “ctrl” and then “t” (not simultaneously).

  2. I couldn’t figure out how to change a text’s background color.

  3. Is it possible to configure eM Client so that when viewing an email, it will always show the FROM, TO, and CC on separate lines? Currently it often shows the CCed recipients in the same line after the TOed recipients and it make it difficult to figure out in a glance whether you’re CCed or TOed.

  4. When composing an email and copy-pasting text from within that email, the style of the source text seems to be lost and the text gains the style of the spot where it is pasted. This is actually the opposite of the request in item #1. I want to be able to tell eM Client to give a pasted text the styles of the target position, but it should not be the default.

  5. Is it possible to make eM Client start an ordered or unordered list automatically when typing “1.” or “*”? (i.e. so there will be no need to click the toolbar buttons for that).

  6. In Outlook it’s possible to add a nice horizontal separator by typing something like “---------------” and clicking enter. Any way to get it to work in eM Client as well?

Thank you, and keep up the great work!

Hello, you can paste unformatted text by using Ctrl+Shift+V instead of regular Control+V option, you can also use the remove formatting tool in the toolbar to remove the formatting of your word document.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to change default text background for all composing messages, but you can setup a template for your outgoing messages in Tools > Settings > Mail > Templates and Signatures.

Unfortunately it is not possible to adjust the look of the header, e.g. To and CC fields on incoming messages will be formatted as you see they are now - we’re however working on a new release of eM Client 7 which will include major UI changes.

Order list has to be selected in the toolbar.

In the compose message toolbar you can see the option “insert lines”, click to insert a line separator into your message.