Looking to replace an "out of commission" Outlook 2007 with EMClient

I am looking to replace an “out of commission” Outlook 2007 with eMClient.

While on the surface I am encouraged by what what I see in the interface similarities between Outlook 2007 and eMClient, I do have a few questions/concerns regarding your PRO Version:

Can I import messages from GoDaddy’s Webmail?
Can I import emails from my G-Mail account?

I had to remove my Outlook 2007 from my desktop because the files got TOO large.
I’m mostly concerned with importing the contacts and possibly client file folders and I believe I have them stored on a backup drive, but am not sure how to locate them and then import them.

I’ve also read in a couple of tech forums where it is said that “eMClient’s Customer Support is lacking, even with the Pro Version.”

Can you tell me if Support is going to be an issue?

BTW, I’ve emailed sales@emailclient.com three times and the email gets bounced back.
Maybe THAT answers my question regarding Support?

First, the email address is sales@ emclient.com , not emailclient.com, so that is your issue there.

I have personally had good results from the Pro support-- they always get back to me in 24 hours and will keep me informed even if they cannot fix the problem immediately.  The forum is a great resource and eM Client employees do occasionally get involved.

I have no experience with Godaddy web mail, but if you can connect via IMAP, there should be no problem.  Gmail is eM Client’s sweet spot, there will be no issues with that.

BTW, you say import, but you probably want the client to synchronize with the server, which is what IMAP does.

Thanks, Jay.
I take full ownership on the inaccurate email address, which clearly was MY issue:(

Unfortunately, I’m an old school POP guy; I get nervous when I delete an email and it disappears from ALL of my devices, which is why I said I would need to import my Outlook Contact List, assuming there’s a simple way to do it. 

I’ll check with GoDaddy directly on how best to handle the contact export, although most of my email contacts are buried in Outlook somewhere on my old hard drive.

eM Client allows pretty simple imports from Outlook at the time you install it.  As far as Godaddy, I think there may be some issues.  Try searching this forum for Godaddy-- I know I have seen the question before.