Look up gmail contacts that are not in your contact list.

My company currently has gmail hosting the email. Specifically all of the contacts, calendar and email are stored at google. I have successfully configured the eM client to access my gmail email, calendar and contacts. However, if I compose a new email I am unable to find anyone at my company that is not in my local contacts list. For example, Tim T is in my contact list and eM client is able to find that email address. However, Don Q is not in my contact list and the eM client is unable to find Don’s email address. If I am using the web gmail client I can find anyone in my company when I compose an email. Is there a way to have the eM client find someone at my domain name hosted by google that is not in my local contact list?

Do you use Google Apps Directory or any add-on?

its the google directory. why cant we see it in the em client?

I am sorry but it is not possible at the moment because there is no API for that.