Long thread in G Suite backed account (40+ messages) is performing operations excruciatingly slowly.

I have a thread with 40 messages in it and ~10 people in the thread. Performance on the thread… Operations (eg opening / viewing emails in the thread, replying, selecting) take a long time to execute. Is there some sort of scalability bottleneck that I can resolve some how? This is an email account connected to a G Suite email account.

By default, eM Client only downloads the message content when you open the message. That could be a cause, and can be improved by enabling the offline options in your IMAP settings. (Menu > Tools > Accounts)

Conversations can be really slow especially on old technology like mechanical hard disks. If your database is saved on such a disk, upgrading to an SSD will hugely improve performance, not only in eM Client, but across the whole OS. Disabling conversations will also improve performance. (Menu > View > Conversations)

  • So I am using an SSD on a modern laptop
  • i enabled offline mode so that messages would get downloaded

still seeing the same problems and in fact it’s getting worse with every new message.  I am certain there is a bug in emClient’s code.  I don’t see this behavior in other clients.

Is there a higher level of support that involves someone on the engineering team?

You wouldn’t expect this from the hardware that you are using.

Shan, there is the VIP Support option where you will get direct support from the eM Client team, but for that you will need to purchase a Pro License. Once you have activated it in eM Client, clicking on Menu > Help > Get Support will take you to the website were you can open a support ticket.

Right, but I need to switch to another email client if this doesn’t get fixed, so why would I purchase a Pro License for something that has a non-starter bug?

You asked if there is a higher level of support and I gave you the answer. This is explained in the agreement you consent to when installing and activating your license. If you are using eM Client for personal use only, and want to use a Free License, this forum is the only support option available. If you are using eM Client for business, or want a higher level of support directly from the company, then you need to purchase a Pro License.