Long list of issues, please help

Hello everybody, as a long time eM user (x64 on Windows 10), I collected a list of issues, which slowly goes longer and longer, so I decided to take it here and try to solve as much as possible of those with your help, if you will. This is not supposed to be a rant at all, I still prefer eM over Outlook for many reasons but I also see a lot to desire. Many of the following may be more of a feature request I guess but then maybe I just missed something:


  • Change of timeout on IMAP connection (common functionality)
  • Set an alias as default address (was supposed to come with 8)
  • Folder/message sizes (you can sort by but you cannot display it, why?)


  • Better layout saving for different resolutions (4k res issues) (maybe via percentages? or keep more layouts saved, for different resolutions? ) I am alternating between laptop HD and external 4k LCD, I have to arrange the layout (widths of panes) after each plug in/plug out, it means multiple times per day. Super-annoying.
  • Fishing for pane separators is a nightmare, are they 1px wide? Basically related to above, probably 4k res issue.
  • Navigation buttons are way too wide, when navigation pane nicely fits folder names, I see only one button at the bottom
  • Menus are not really well visible with dark skin, generally the dark skin is hard to read (MS ToDo is a fine example how to make dark skins properly)
  • Dark schema even makes text unreadable sometimes, placing dark font on dark bg for some raeson
  • Whole address is not visible with mouse-over badge when longer, so it must be doubleclicked for sending a mail to see the whole address there. Would be nice if the badge would always show the whole address, very important for email scam protection.

Bugs (probably):

  • Dictionary seems to be almost empty, it always offers just two or three least probable words, why?
  • Deduplicator creates new copies instead of moving, over and over (iCloud, but last time tested in v.7. I still didn’t manage to delete all those copies made back then so I’m a bit hesitant to try again :wink:
  • No updates found even though there is much newer binary to download (I do not remember getting update through update checking like, EVER)
  • Snooze. What is that??? Where the hell the mails disappear to, how to find them if accidentally clicked?
  • Main window can’t be upped when a new mail badge is on the icon in the task bar (requires a doubleclick, first click removes the badge, the second raises the main window).
  • When opening new email from a notification, the mail window always remains in the background

If you see something what can be easily fixed or avoided, I would appreciate any tips.

“Check for update” now works… at least for me… had not worked since start of v8

Oh yeah, and I forgot a big one. Search won’t tell you in which folder the found email is. Especially painful with deduplicator, which seems to be working now in v8.

It will, if you use the non-compact layout (e.g., message pane on bottom). You may have to add the column by right-clicking the column headers and select column configuration.

BEWARE-- if you are using Gmail, only “All Mail” will appear as the folder. This is because Gmail really only has a few real folders, All Mail, Spam and Trash. It uses tags that display as folders and you can actually have multiple tags, so eM Client would not know which “folder” to display.

Thanks Jay, you’re right, and the same is true for a size. Not really comfortable view for me but still working workaround.

//edit: I wanted to mark those answered ones but it seems I can’t edit my older posts, sigh…

  • Size and search result folder answered
  • Deduplicator working fine (very useful feature indeed).