logo not shows in signatures

i am  not able to see our logo image in signature show cross red X how to resolved it

Place Your Logo in the Program Lib c:…/eM client/
use jpg or PNG (in case of transparency)
Insert the Logo from there

program lib ??? i can’t get you properly so plz explain the exact path

SYSTEM (C:) \Programme (X86)  \eM Client…under this Library insert your Logo and pick it up in the Signature

… Dont copy and paste the Logo into the Signature Windows at eM Client

sorry dear but not done same issue not show any images its getting red X

dear supporter thanks for the proper solution now i am able to see it very well. one more small issue share with you that is how to transfer all em  client data to microsoft outlook 2010

Hello Tushar,
as for the signature problem, what Peter suggest above should not be needed. Inserting the image in the signature creator should work. Is the image missing even in the creator or only after you send the message?

As for exporting data from eM Client, you can use the File>Export function to separately export your messages, events, tasks and contacts.


dear sir as per your instruction i already tried to take backup same steps but can’t restore in Microsoft outlook specially email messages & sub folders.

forward or reply mails getting as attachment to recipient how to resolved it 

Hello Tushar,
if you need help with import to Outlook I am afraid I cannot help you.
As for your second issue, I unfortunately do not understand what problem do you have with replies and forwards. Can you elaborate?


thanks for the reply sir when i am sending email from em client  our client’s getting mail as shown attachment .please find the snap here.

Dear Olivia Sir,
request to please update me any solution for above issue.