logo in senders and receivers header ara

when i send email a logo of my ISP company is in the header area next to my email address etc. The same happens from clients, except there is their company logo. How to I change this to our logo and not the ISPs logo

Did you ever figure this out? It’s baffling to me why eM appears to force a logo/flash on every sent email, without being able to get rid of it or change it. I see no instructions/help on this issue and I’m not willing to shell out money for a broken piece of software

This logo is not part of the email. It is an avatar that is added by eM Client for display purposes only.

See my comment in this thread https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/outgoing-mail-displays-isp-virgin-media-logo

You can change how this is displayed in eM Client in Menu > Tools > Settings > Contacts > Avatars