Locked Task Bar/Inbox to Trash

The program locks my task bar. Any way to stop this? I’ve done a repair and even removed the program and downloaded again, but it’s still locking the task bar.

Also, when it retrieves my inbox from outlook, it automatically goes to trash and not the inbox.

False alarm. I figured it out. Thanks.

OK, I am glad you resolved it.

Grrr, what did Barb do to resolve… I am having the same issue on Win 10 Pro. the task bar has the option checked to hide but when I open Em Client, it un-hides the taskbar and locks it in place. I had to create a vbs script to restart explorer.exe as I got tired of ctrl,alt,del task manager and closing it from there.Restarting explorer.exe it is the only fix barred a reboot. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hello Rob,
can you please specify what you mean by the locked Task bar?
What version of eM Client are you currently running? (Help>About)