Location of Signature

I am new to EMClient and want to try out the free version before I get the pro version.

I have created an HTML file with my signature. I would like to know where EMClient stores signatures, so that I may replace the existing HTML file with mine. Is that even possible in the first place?

I know there is a way of creating an HTML signature in the program itself, but it is really very basic and once I create a table, it is not possible to change its properties. I have to start all over again.

Any help appreciated.


Hi, there’s no file to replace the html with, but you can setup a new signature and select “insert > HTML”, that should do the trick.

Thank you,

Thanks Paul,

A useful tip indeed. But if I have made the slightest mistake, is there a way of editing that HTML? I don’t see any. I can insert more HTML, but I can’t edit the HTML that is already there. For example, if I forget to set borders to 0, or if I want to add a row to the table or edit a font size, I can’t go into the HTML again, and edit it. I have to start from new.

Thanks for any help in that regard.

Hi again Behram,
unfortunately it’s currently not possible to edit the HTML signature at the moment, but it is a planned feature for future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

Thanks Paul,

I’ll wait for that feature to be available.

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Great, thank you for your understanding.
Let us know if you have any other questions or issues, we’ll be happy to help.


Hi, guys.

I had to format my PC and lost all configuration on EM Client, but I have old data mirrored in another drive. Where I can find the signatures previously created on the old EM client’s installation? I would like to use the same signatures in the newone.

It’s possible to access them without trying to edit?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Nelson, I believe there’s no single file that would allow you to transfer only your signature.
If you have a complete backup, the eM client’s directory is saved in your local folder > App Data > Roaming.

If you want to use your previous settings, you can take the eM Client’s folder from Roaming and insert it into your current local folder > App Data > Roaming instead the one automatically created when you installed eM client. Then, when you open  the client, it should automatically read from the old database, including your old account and email settings.

Hope this helps,

can I now add a signature in settings as html code?

Hello Maksim,
unfortunately this improvement hasn’t been added yet.
You still need to insert the HTML as described above.