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Transferring from Thunderbird to eM Client

I just recently downloaded eM Client for my office. I am moving from Thunderbird and want something more stable.
I currently have local folders sent up on the network server so all users have access to them.
I imported Thunderbird to eM Client  and was able to access all the folders but see that nothing new from my counterparts are viewable on my workstation.
I did see that there is a “database” folder in the settings and is pointing as a folder on my specific workstation. Is there a way to change this to a centralized location without losing any emails?

You can set the database location within eM Client to a networked share, then close eM Client and move the contents of C:\Users_username_\AppData\Roaming\eM Client to that location. That way all your data and settings will be retained.

One thing to consider is that you can only access the database from a single instance of eM Client at one time, and a network share might be a bit slow with larger databases. A better solution would be to share an IMAP or Exchange account. If you setup the same account in any number of email clients, you will all have real-time access to the same Inbox, Sent and any other folders you create. Depending on the email provider, you could also share the same calendar and contacts.