Local/Remote contact conflicts on new installation without actual changes on either side

I’ve just installed eM client (5.0.18025.0, win7) to try it out, but constantly getting modal popup that it’s failing to upload contacts because it conflicts with remote version and asks to overwrite local or remote.

I understand the concept, but the fact is I’ve just installed it and didn’t have chance to change either local or remote contacts. Since the popup is blocking any action, unlike the error log popup, it renders eM client unusable for me.

What happens if you click Overwrite remote? Does the same error message appear again? If so, could you please enable CarDAV logging and send us the logs? Thank you very much.

The messages do not appear consistently. I have maybe about few hundred contacts, and the error appears randomly during synchronization, sometimes few times for the same contact. I can’t reproduce the issue on will.

Also, it seems that all the synchronizations that should be happening during the modal popup are queued, and executed after the popups are dismissed. So I have the same IMAP folders synchronized 50 times…

What CardDav server do you use? Could you please keep the CardDav logging enabled and send us the logs after the error message appears? Thanks.

It was setup automatically by adding GMail account. In Tools > Settings > Advanced > Logging, under my gmail account I have IMAP, SMTP, GData and XMPP. Are you talking about GData?

Btw, when Google phases out XMPP, are you going to remove GTalk functionality?

If it is Google account, enable GData logging and wait until the error message appears. Then send it to us.

Google XMPP from Client to Server should still work without any problems.