Local folders

I would like to move from TB. I imported my local folders into eM Client and they show on hte left. In TB when I receive mail they go right to the local folders - say inbox whatever Can I do that in eM? I just see my mail on gmail setup. DO I have to manually move them to make ssure they stay on my computer?

There are two ways to setup an email account in eM Client; using IMAP/Exchange or POP3.

With IMAP or Exchange the account will always have its own set of folders. They cannot be combined among accounts, or moved to Local Folders. You can manually move the messages to Local Folders, or setup Rules (message filters) to do it automatically, but the set of online folders will always be there.

With POP3 it is very similar, and by default each POP3 account has its own set of folders. But you are also given the option on the very last screen of the account setup to use Local Folders. That is the same as Global Folders in Thunderbird.