Local Folders not Backed Up

I manually made a backup before formatting my computer. After installation and reactivation, I restored my data, just to find out that most of my local folders were lost.

My question is, why were my local folders and content not backed up

I had this problem myself. Are you relying on emClient’s own backup utility, or do you also backup the emClient directory?

If you look at the *.zip backup created by emClient, you will see a folder called [Local Folders]. When you create /reinstall/move emClient it (ARK!) puts in empty versions that you have to overwrite with your backup. Check your old backups for one with your real data in it, not one created since the rebuild.

I sincerely recommend that you do not rely on the few backups that emClient creates. I use an app that copies the autobackups off onto two different servers every 4 hours (mail is vital) Sadly there are lot of .zip.incompletes created by emClient, even backing up locally, so make a point of routinely checking the backups are creating complete files.

AND I schedule backup the emClient directory using replicator; so I have every backup ever made by emClient AND my own. I also archive the folders every month so that I’m not overwriting my own backups.

Even with all this paranoia I’ve lost over 1,000 contacts. (They call me the networking queen).

Thanks for the detailed response.

It’s what I live for.

Sorry, re-reading I’m not sure I precisely answered your question. It may be too late. [Local Folders] are stored in the data folder that you CAN specify in Settings,Storage together with all your other user stuff. Otherwise I think it all goes in the program folders.

If relocating existing data it’s nerve-racking as you need to specify the location, then overwrite the new blank structure with the existing files from the old location. If you do it the other way around, (move the files, then point), you overwrite your existing files with the new blank ones. <Screech!!> I create multiple copies of everything, keep archival copies for months, and practise extreme paranoia as it is a really good way to wipe your files.