Local Folders Move Up/Move Down


I want to Move Up/Move Down too:

Smart Folders
Local Folders


You can move your different email accounts by going into Tools/Accounts and selecting an email account on the left and then clicking either the up or down arrow below to move the email account up or down, thus changing the order.  

However, the Smart Folders appears not movable, and personal folders in each email account can be adjusted by its name, which is in alphabetical order. There appears no other way to change their order. 

Would be nice if one could drag and drop them in version 6 to be in the order one wants, but not possible. Maybe the future?  I think only the developers know… :wink:   


I want to Move Up “Local Folders” account.



Unfortunately Local Folders, Archive and Smart Folders are not movable at the moment. We might consider making that an option in the future though.