"local folders" don't seem to be working

I use Gmail, download from Gmail to my computer. I’ve setup eM 6 so that there are “smart folders” and below that group, also “local folders ( inbox outbox drafts etc.)”. When I download email from Google, and when I write a new email on my computer, etc., all such emails NEVER go to the files in “local folders”. How to remedy this situation Please.

This seems like the correct way of working of eM Client.

Normally e-mails will never automatically go to folders under the ‘Local Folders’ group (unless you have set up ‘rules’ maybe). You will need to manually move them to there.

I assume you should have a specific folder for your Gmail account between the ‘Smart Folders’ and the ‘Local Folders’, which might be called ‘dan@google.com’ for example.

That specific folder for your Gmail account also should have sub folders called ‘inbox, outbox, sent’ et cetera.

That specific folder is the place where your e-mail related to your Gmail account should be automatically stored.

By the way, it’s normally good practice to write which specific version of eM Client you’re using (and maybe which operating system).

Thanks for this. On the first line of my question I said “setup eM 6”.

You state “That specific folder is the place where your e-mail related to your Gmail account should be automatically stored.”

Please, what do you mean by “automatically”, that eM Client place them there “automatically”? I was using Thunderbird. TBird “automatically” = by itself, placed all my incoming emails in my “Local Folders”. Is there a way to arrange this in eM Client? In TBird there was no equivalent to “Smart Folders”, so all incoming email had to go somewhere, that was into “Local Folders”.

Hi, local folders are meant for POP3 accounts by default - but they can have their own separate folders so now Local Folders are local only and you can move your emails into them so they will be available locally only.

If you are using IMAP only way how to make automatically emails move there is rules, but it will work only for emails not read before on any other device.


I had read that you are using eM Client version 6.

However sometimes updates are released; that has also happened for eM Client 6. My current version of eM Client for example is 6.0.19723.0. I know that specific version has solved some issues relating to folders.

I was also using Thunderbird before I switched to eM Client.

Thunderbird placed my incoming mail (for 5 or 6 accounts) in the respective inboxes of those accounts.

Thunderbird also has an equivalent to ‘smart folders’: I was using folders like ‘inbox’, ‘sent’ et cetera which showed a combined/aggregated overview of all my ‘inbox’ and ‘sent’ folders of the real e-mail accounts.

I had to manually move e-mails from these combined folders in Thunderbird to my ‘local folders’ in Thunderbird.

Actually if you are using POP3 you can choose local folders as folders for that account, simply because POP3 makes emails “local only” anyway.

As for update we should release new update very soon.