Local Folders did not come through when setting up new computer

Hello, I recently got a new computer and the Local Folders did not migrate over. How can I get it over to my new computer? My email came through alright - everything is good except for my Local Folders not showing up. I spent DAYS sorting through almost 5000 emails deleting some and organizing the rest into folders under my Local Folders tab. I cannot lose these. Thank you!

Local Folders are not synced with the server so you will need to move them across yourself.

On the old device:

  1. Create a backup through Menu > Backup (Menu > File > Backup in eM Client 7 and older)
  2. Find the .ZIP backup file and move it to your new device (default in …\Documents\eM Client)

On your new device:

  1. Restore from your backup through Menu > File > Restore. If you put the backup file on the new device in the same folder structure as the default (…\Documents\eM Client) the restore will find it right away, otherwise, you’ll need to specify the path where the backup file can be found (Menu > Settings > General > Backup).

Thank you so much Gary! I have moved the zip file over to my new MacBook Pro (a 2021) and have the zip file on my desktop. I don’t know how to get it onto my eM Client now. I tried Restore but it restored from the application’s backup and not the zip file on my desktop. How can I get it from my desktop onto my eM Client? Thank you SO much!! :slight_smile:


I have moved the zip file over to my new MacBook Pro (a 2021) and have the zip file on my desktop

As @Gary advised above you need to put the eM Client backup.zip file into the same eM Client directory (…\Documents\eM Client) on your Mac.

Close eM Client. Then on your Mac use the “Finder” file manager program to move that backup.zip file from the desktop to the same eM Client documents folder.

Lastly open eM Client and then restore your backup in eM Client and the program will then normally find your backup.zip file & restore.